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 #38293  by JWtje

I've been cleaning out my garage. which contains a lot of Mopar parts.

I've got 2 KB billet cranks. 4.25" and 4.50" stroke. Mopar rod journals so no poormans stroker. Both are 8-bolt flange. 4.50 has double keyway. Crack checked, turned, polished and ready to go. €800,- each.

KB 4120711 aluminum Hemi heads that have been collecting dust over the past 10 years or so. €800,- for the set.

I've got over 25 sets of racing valve springs. Dyno time only. Might be a good idea to post al specs here. No junk in here. These were all 800 dollar + sets. All offers taken. Will get specs first.

Bunch of 300 degrees+ duration Bullet rollercams for mopar bigblocks. All still good. Will post info on them.

Will dig up the list with all spring info. e-mail or call me @ +31 619 856 511 if there's something here you could use.