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 #36413  by jai_ford
hi there guys i have a ken cooper slingshot nearly finished 99% looking for another front engine dragster slingshot, altered project must be for a decent size man. would prefer to be at least rolling but just seeing what you guys have unfinished in the garage that you want to part with cash waiting if you got what i'm after thanks james. :D
 #36426  by jai_ford
Any one know of a topolino body or one of them reliant bodies about got a chassis just after the rest know cheers guys. :D
 #36535  by jai_ford
Hi moon gutted just brought hubs and front wheels to fit never mind after a body still anyone? I like topolinos fibreglass preferred been told might have a chassis that was once a reliant bodied funny car so would love one of them also anyone?
 #36542  by jai_ford
Thanks everyone for pm's etc I now have everything to make a good start on a project got all bits for roller and hopefully topo body see you all Notstalgia nationals thanks again james 8)