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 #36111  by Glen
Thanks, I'll wait to see what dimensions you come up with.

 #36136  by dorrisdormouse
Ok, dad went out and measured and they are 4 3/4" backspace. They are a multistud pattern, asked my dad to measure but i dont think he's sure what to measure. If the backspacing is ok let me know. Thanks
 #36169  by Glen
Hi Dave

Backspace at 4 3/4" is virtually identical to what I have on the car now, so it's down to the bolt pattern.

 #36180  by dorrisdormouse
Ok, were not 100% sure on what we should measure so weve taken several measurements.

Measuring from one stud hole to the adjacent stud hole for each pattern we get:
3" For pattern 1, 3 1/4" For pattern 2

Measuring between alternating studs (IE start on stud one, end on stud 3) measuring center to center we get:
4 3/4" For pattern 1, 5 1/4" For pattern 2

Measuring between alternating studs, from the center of one to the outer edge of the other we get 5 1/8" or 5 5/8".

Hope this is ok?
 #36233  by billyboy132
Are you still looking for these wheels. I have a pair of centrelines off of Trace Froome's funny car. Either 16x16 or 17x16, I cant remember off the top of my head. If you are still looking I can go down to my brothers garage and get measurements and photos?

 #36244  by Glen
Hi Elliott

Let me know what you have, appreciate it.

 #36308  by billyboy132
I'm afraid they appear to be as much use as anything anyone else has to offer. 17 x 16" wheels fitted with 33.5 x 17 x 16 tyres. Backspacing around 4.5 - 4.75" and as per all the others dual stud pattern with the smaller being 5 x 5" (big Ford) and the larger being 5 x 5.5" ( which I believe is big Chrysler but not so sure)
Wheels are pretty standard Centrelines and tyres are Goodyear D1 compound in pretty good nick.