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 #34166  by highviewgt2012
Hi, sadly I am trying to sell one of my beloved JAPS. Details are below, would make a great sprint special engine.....

J.A.P Racing Engine



Eng No: J09/6 75815/5C

SM15 SM1 (also stamped on cases)

This one has the cooper F3 type cases with oil drain and mag pick up. Complete with Amal Carb, Carb clamp, oil pump and SEM Mag

I have had this for more years than I can remember and has not been used for many so would need looking at prior to use.

Ideally I would like the £2000 mark


 #34167  by Howitzer
Is this legal for 500cc f3/ formula junior, if so post it on the race cars direct website in the historic section, there would be a lot of interest as these cars are making a big come back in historic racing!
 #34168  by highviewgt2012
Im afraid I wouldn`t know mate, I`m a m/cycle man....I know they used to run them in F3 cars in the 1950`s hence the hint that it may well fit one, whether they are still used today I have no idea.

Thanks for the idea though, defo worth a try.