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 #94  by sid
has anyone any pics of the right hand side of the engine/blower setup on the old "wild honey" C/A. (ison Bros).
im looking for some idea of how the inlet was made up from the blower to the head.
all the pics ive seen only show the nearside.



 #251  by sid
No pics? ok. has anyone any idea of how it worked.

as far as i can see it has two pipes exiting the blower then do they split into two three entry manifolds or one large collecter type box.

the reason im asking this question is im in the process of building a replica of the car and this may save me a load of trouble in getting it to run right.

maybe someone has pictures of similar setup??.

yours hopefully.

sid. :?

 #253  by ukdrn
sid have you tried Alan Currans excellent website, he has some very good pictures of the car here..... ... ry_07.html

 #393  by muddytalker
Also, have you checked out and click on the Vehicle Files link for a brief history and photo of the Ison Bros ‘Wild Honey’. Have you got the Corgi model as well Sid!

 #937  by timetravel
I've no pics of the manifold setup on Wild Honey Sid but this car turned up at the Hot Rod Drags about 10 years ago with a simular setup if it helps. It's the old "Two Ton Carmen" Jag altered Image

 #988  by timetravel
Here's another simular setup sid on Houndog II taken from the August 1965 Drag Racing Magazine....... Image Image Image

 #989  by sid
thanks very much TT. most helpfull.

was the driver of the altered "steve goode",
and do you have any times for it?.


 #991  by timetravel
I don't know who was running the altered when it turned up at the Hot Rod Drags but it was originally run by Tim Spencer as Two Ton Carmen in the mid 70's. Before that he ran a Jag Mini with the same name which crashed and this D-Type bodied altered replaced the Mini and was the old Poison Ivy of Pete Smith.

 #998  by muddytalker
Here's another shot of the 'Two-Ton-Carmen' altered from the other side. As far as I know the altered was only as a For sale item and not a runner. Paul Duxbury took this photo.