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 #38894  by TheDragMan
 Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:10 pm
"The real Creed, Character & Skill, that every Drag Racing SportsMan possesses should be celebrated as much as the idea of a super car"

It has always depressed me that the skill & ability of motor sportsmen is seldom recognised. I feel that is because of inexperienced/uneducated fans who think a motor sport is all to do with the car and dont dish our enough credit to the courage and grit these sports guys show.

Been a drag racer my self, i use to feel shocked with the games/apps my friends use to play, that were suppose to ape drag racing. No Clutch, No Shifting Gears, Accelerator disappears after launch, No Reaction Times, No Rating system... But instead they have only ego talk, fancy cars/grafics, give out some gold coins etc!!!

SO i took it upon my self to code an entire game where i could make SKILL the most important part, not other crap.
it basically revolves around this:-
when you chose to shift at the correct RPM, release the Accelerator, press the Clutch, shift the gear(manually), release the clutch & go back to the Accelerator- the swiftness of that should declare how good you are!

That is how my app differs from all other panzy games made by multinational corporations.
its tough... especially if your a gamer.. and have no experience in real drag racing!

Im sure you guys would appreciate this- i really request you to check it out, and give me some feed back... ... s.dragrace

Tutorial videos here:-

I have tried my best, to make you feel the pressure one really goes through when driving in a drag... especially the part of messing up on a gear shift!
the app is free... no advs... no money to be earned out of it, I purely want guys to experience the skill real drag racers have.. rather than just play games that have no test of true ability!