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 #29792  by muddytalker
 Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:27 am
Round 3 of the UK's Supercharged Outlaw series takes place at this weekend's NSRA Nostalgia Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. Dave McKenzie writes that with eleven entries so far it is shaping up into a great weekend:

Leading the series after two rounds is the Speed Demon team of Vic Hammond and Sam Freeman. The Small Block slingshot has already run PBs this year and Sam's consistency on the track has given them the lead. Defending Champion Paul Watts will again make the long trek from the Isle of Wight. Paul is chasing a third straight Championship but is currently in third spot. Paul deserves a medal for effort as he hardly ever misses a meeting including the Bulldog Bash which is non-points for the Outlaws.

In second spot going into the Nostalgia Nationals is the Mad Rs team of Tom and Alec Coe who share the driving of the Shy Talker slingshot. The team is now consistently running in the mid sevens and is a force to be reckoned with. We have three teams tied for fourth spot: Andy Fadster with the Twister, Dave McKenzie and Mark Windridge with The Thing and Steve Goode in the Ghost Train Funny Car. Steve seems to have at last got a handle of this potentially quick Funny Car and if my source of information is correct Steve will be going for it this weekend. Team Thing also seem to have sorted out the wild antics of their altered with Mark laying down consistent 8.5 second runs at the Yanks Weekend at terminal speeds of 154 mph in a straight line! Mark was not flat out in the lights so there is more to come from this team. Andy Hadfield with The Twister is the last one tied in fourth position and after a break in the Greek Islands will be raring to resume his antics. I am sure that Andy will be looking for the elusive seven-second pass this weekend.

Lee Gallimore with the Red Mist altered is down on his luck this year. Lee damaged his engine in round one and missed round two. Lee then had some medical problems so we all wish him the best and hope to see the Red Mist altered doing what it does best. Richard Davis with the ever-consistent Willys will be looking for a win this weekend after suffering a rare breakage after round one. Clive Bush will resume shaking down the Crazy Horse altered. Clive did really well at round one but a foot injury caused him to miss round two. He will be looking to put some good times on the car this weekend.

Racing with the Outlaws for the first time in 2012 will be Joe Bond in the Nuthin Fancy altered. Joe can run down into the low sixes at over 200 mph and we welcome him. Last but not least is Ian Kerr with his doorslammer. Ian joined us this season and is looking forward to the Nostalgia Nationals to get the car performing. Ian imported this car from the States and is getting to grips with it.

This event is being sponsored by Good Vibrations of California. Jim Maher has put up $100 for the Racers' Choice of the Outlaws team of the weekend which will be decided by a vote of all of the other racers at the track (no Outlaw team can vote). Voting forms will be distributed around the pits and can be handed in at Alec Coe's pit, the Team Thing pit, or Lee Gallimore's pit. We ask that all racers please participate and support a company which is supporting racing here in the UK On the home front Johhny Hall is sponsoring the winner of the event via his company Stamford Speed Shop. The Supercharged Outlaws would like to thank both of these companies for their support.

Be sure to drop into the Supercharged Outlaw pits and have a chat with the friendliest group of racers at the track.

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 #29793  by muddytalker
 Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:28 am
Flag girl for the flag starts and push starts is now sorted and will be taking place on track after 5.00pm. That's when we'll take the tree away. Could do with the start line crew wearing boiler suits if you have them guys.
 #29801  by Wile e Weslake
 Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:25 pm
jaytee wrote:
muddytalker wrote:Can anyone find any photos of Bernie White's Endeavor drag bike. I can find program entries from 1972 but no references in race reports although there is a story told to me last week with Bernie against John Hobbs! You'll have to wait for the weekend's commentary. :D

The pic posted of Bernies bike is the second one he built. The first had the blower at the front and reversed heads. This was sold to Dave Houghton and eventually ran 8.82 at Elvington for the outright course record.
 #29809  by ukdrn
 Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:01 pm
I’m off to the NSRA Nostalgia Nationals now, I plan to post a few pictures and list some highlights on here Saturday night.
The weather forcast is looking much better now so why not take a trip to Shakey this weekend.
You can see the latest news from the event here.
 #29816  by ukdrn
 Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:37 pm
If you listened to the weather forcast and stayed away from Shakespeare County Raceway's NSRA Nostalgia Nationals you've missed a fantastic day of non stop action here today.

Star of the show for me was British drag racing HoF member and all round drag hero John Hobbs.
John was riding 3 bikes, the Olympus copy, The Hobbit and Shotgun.

On his first pass on Olympus the bike launched skywards but John nailed on when it came down to a great 13 sec blast
On the Hobbit he stormed the track to a time of 8.51 @ 156mph, his quickest ever at this track
On his last pass of the day on Shotgun he ran an excellentlent 10.3@137mph when at the stripe one of the forks gave way giving John the ride of his life as the fought to stay on the bike, luckly John manged to stop the bike safely but told me after he was just about to bail off when he gained control and it was also one of the scariest rides in his long career.
Joe Bond done another fantistic job of driving when the car shook it's butt of but Joe nailed it and snaked up the 1320 to a fantastic 6.8 blast.
Norm thought he was at Bakersfield.
Flathead legend Ken Cooper's lovely slingshot made it's debut with his son driving.
Tony made his debut in the Cunning Coupe that look stunning, well done Tony.
Dick ran the Horn down to a 9.5
 #29818  by Wile e Weslake
 Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:12 pm
John's had a bit of a day of it, Jeez. Never seen a fork break like that before. Well done john must have taken some serious holding on to.
 #29821  by paso
 Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:57 pm
Wow some great pictures there and well done to JH for staying on during the last run i was in the other lane at the time ...........Heres a pic from my better half of Johns first moment from behind the line :D
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