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 #40200  by oily bike bloke
I wonder if those who read the posts on UKDRN could help spread the word with respect to the fact that the Brighton Speed Trials are under threat as Madeira Drive could be closed for good as a motor-vehicle ban has been proposed, and that there’s an associated Petition against the ban.

The Brighton Speed Trials is considered to be the World’s longest running motor sport event having first run in July 1905, however it, along with other motoring events on Madeira Drive (such as the Veteran car run), are under threat as there is lobbying that wishes to ban all motor vehicles permanently from Madeira Drive.

The Brighton and Hove Motor Club have been organising and running the Speed Trials since 1932, and their facebook page(s) draws attention to the above lobbying and to a campaign that opposes it.

Might I suggest that UKDRN folk and friends be invited to sign the petition opposing the closure.

2020 Brighton Speed Trials date is Sat 5th September; however, given the present uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions, it’s currently not possible to know how things will stand in September.

With thanks - Oily Bike Bloke (VMCC Sprint Section)

PS It’s by kind invitation of the B&HMC, that the VMCC Sprint Section has been running the bikes at Brighton since the Sprint Section was formed in the early 1980s with the Section’s founders running the bikes from the very early 1970’s, namely Len Cole and Phil Manzano followed by Paul, Pat & Jayne Standing.

Some details can be found here ... motorclub/ ... n-success/ ... D=35105109