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 #39905  by oily bike bloke
 Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:11 pm
The Brighton Speed Trials was first run in 1905 and is said to be the longest running motorsport event in the world.

Organised by The Brighton and Hove Motor Club, the Speed Trials currently run on the first Saturday in September over a standing start ¼ mile, and features cars and motorcycles from various eras, with 2019’s event is scheduled for Saturday 7th September.

The motorcycle entries are managed (by kind invitation from the B&HMC) by the Sprint Section of the VMCC. ... lcome.html

It’s not unusual to have a mix of bikes entered from the 1920’s right up to current day, with faster bikes reaching speeds around 160mph!!!

Some pics from recent years can be found here

Some footage that gives an insight into the event
Flyer - Brighton Speed Trials 2019
 #39922  by oily bike bloke
 Fri May 31, 2019 12:24 pm
The VMCC Sprint Section, who by kind invitation of the Brighton and Hove Motor Club, run the motorcycle side of things at this historic event, and they’ve just issued their Press Release (copied below).

Saturday 7th September

The Brighton Speed Trials is considered to be the longest running motor sport event in the world as it first ran way back in July 1905. Jump forward 114 years and Saturday 7th September 2019 sees the yet another running of this iconic event, the current format being a standing-start ¼ mile sprint along Brighton seafront’s Madeira Drive.

The VMCC Sprint Section will once again be organising the motorcycle side of things by kind invitation of our long standing friends and the event organisers, The Brighton and Hove Motor Club.
The VMCC Sprint Section has been running the bikes at Brighton since the section was formed in the early 1980s, however the section’s founders were running the bikes from the very early 1970’s, namely Len Cole and Phil Manzano followed by Paul, Pat & Jayne Standing.

So, to the event - Up to 200 cars and 75 motorcycles will take part during the day, and it’s not unusual to have a mix of bikes entered from the 1920’s right up to current day, and when we say “entered”, the bikes in the paddock are the bikes that are given the beans along the seafront!

Spectator entry includes a free programme and access to the paddock area, so not only can the variety of machines be seen at close quarters, the riders / drivers / mechanics can be chatted to if you want to know some detail about the machinery, plus spectators will be able to follow competitors’ progress live through the whole of the quarter mile sprint via a 21sq metre LCD screen. Advance Tickets have a 20% reduction, details on the Brighton and Hove Motor Club website.

Frosts Cars Ltd of Brighton are the main sponsor for yet another year, and we thank for them for continuing to support this historic event. Thanks are also in order for the marshals, medics and behind-the-scene teams.

So, if you fancy a day at the sea-side and at the same time don’t mind seeing cars and bikes in competition (the fastest bikes can reach over 175mph), the annual Brighton Speed Trials could be worth a visit...........

VMCC Sprint Section website -
VMCC Sprint Section facebook
Brighton & Hove Motor Club website -
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 #40105  by oily bike bloke
 Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:37 am
For the 2019 annual Brighton Speed Trilas I’ve heard there should be three racing Vincents on display, namely:

Mighty Mouse. 500cc supercharged single

Super Mouse, 1100cc supercharged twin

Epimethius, John Renwick’s 1665cc outfit

Mighty Mouse and Super Mouse photos from the web - don't know who to credit. Epimethius by me
Super Mouse 01.jpg
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Mighty Mouse 01.jpg
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Epimethius 2012 P1050842.JPG
VMCC Sprint Honington 2012 (pic by Oily)
 #40113  by oily bike bloke
 Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:28 pm
I took a few shots from the start-line of bike 352, my pal Andy Forwards homebuilt blown Triumph 750.

We’ve just started on the rollers and will be shortly rolling to the start-line to stage.

The large silencer ensures the bike is compliant with the Brighton noise regs.
IMG_2580 c.jpg
BST 2019 - 352 - Andy Forward - Blown Triumph
 #40117  by oily bike bloke
 Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:46 pm
The 2019 Brighton Speed Trials featured a Vincent display organised by the VMCC Sprint Section’s Chief Paddock Marshall Alex Champion in memory of is godfather Bruce Floodthain, who had been Senior Paddock Marshall until his passing earlier this year.

A cracking display which included Brian Chapman’s Mighty Mouse and Super Mouse, John Renwick’s Epimetheus, Morris Brierley’s Methamom, Roy Robertson’s Egli Vincent, Mark Reynolds Egli Vincent and Dick Wheedon’s VOC Grey Flash Sprinter.
Brian was spotted taking the sun, and keeping an eye on the display.
BST 2019 – Vincent display