Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #5248  by IanFeltell
hi peter,here are some more with the tranmission side then the one with the latest fairing before he crash it.
Jerry thank you.
 #5252  by peteyrs
Hi Ian, thanks for all the help with this (again !) do you remember wether your dad ran the bike again after the crash or was that its last outing ?
 #5254  by muddytalker
Ray Feltell has just fired up his twin engined Penetration machine on the rollers at Santa Pod. My contemporaneous notes say the bike was 'ill fated' but I did not know why. Ex-MCN Drag Racing Correspondent Jim Reynolds supplied the answer. Ray ran the bike for less than a season and reverted to a single 750cc Morgo-barrelled blown triumph engine. Ray's son Ian has been in touch to say that the chap giving the bike a shove is his grandfather Bert who used to help his father in the 1970s.
Photo & text courtesy of Alan Currans -
 #5257  by IanFeltell
here some more pictures of the double engine bike,it was taken at Great Barr School in Birmingham,again my grandad bert with my dad.
 #19837  by ukdrn
Cracking shot from Dave Buckland
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 #19852  by kal
That is definitely a nice shot of Ray.
Some doubles ran 2 blowers, like this one, but a couple of the other riders who set the motors in a vee formation - Ray Baskerville and Stu Bentley - ran a single large blower in the middle.
It had to make a certain sense to run 2 blowers if you previously ran a blown single engine, as you could duplicate the setup.
I know Ray had a lot of grief with the double, but they were not an easy option for anyone to keep in one piece!