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Re: Spirit ?

PostPosted:Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:51 pm
by MisteR Tee
Sorry, only logged back in again today so hadn't seen this reply Jon. Not sure at the moment as I need to do a couple of jobs on it before I run it again. Had hoped to do a couple at Shakey as it may be the last opportunity, but there are issues with team members other commitments, definitely Dragstalgia though. :D

Re: Spirit ?

PostPosted:Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:17 pm
by MisteR Tee
Once again a long time between updates.
As some of you will have seen, I did finally get the car to Shakey for the Hot Rod Drags but only managed two runs, partly due to the bad weather & also yet another fault raising its ugly head!!

Had an issue with the starting system yet again, which we thankfully traced to a loose connection on the trigger switch. Having sorted that, on the next & as it turned out, final run the brakes locked on either during the run or even, as I suspect, whilst staging. By the time I'd got to the runoff area, I'd had to boot it several times & as I crossed the line & lifted it immediately slowed down dramatically!

When we got back to the pit area, we stopped so my crewman could get the timing ticket & as we did so a lot of steam & smoke billowed up from the rear wheels & the brake lever was solid & immovable! We eventually cracked open a bleed valve on one caliper & that released the pressure so we could tow back, but as it was around 2pm & looking quite dry, we decided to break camp before any more rain appeared, plus the brakes would need checking over so that was it.

In spite of this, I managed my best ET of 12.69 at 106.25mph & even beat Ian Coulsel in his 4 cylinder RED in what was a grudge match race!! If the brakes hadn't been coming on, who knows how fast it would have been?? Anyway, onward & upwards as they say, more news as & when it happens over the winter.

Re: Spirit ?

PostPosted:Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:01 am
by timetravel
Here's a pic from the Hot Rod Drags being checked out by a young fan...