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PostPosted:Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:47 am
by timetravel
hi nick , my name is ted evans ,i live in michigan , in the usa ..... i know some guys in the uk that are into mopars and we sold a '62 plymouth wagon to one of them . i named the car warpig ,it is all black , all steel , huge tires , not sure what they call it now but if you have seen it , you wont forget it . it ran 7.41 at 198 mph with a blown alky hemi , here in the states , and now lives in the uk with a alum. twin turbo hemi in it . . the new owners name is donnie , but i cant recall his last name . i am giving you a link to the car here in the states on my yt channel . i really would like to know if he's made it out with the car but have not heard a word. it has been a while , way back in 2005 or so ? watch the link anb tell me if you know the car or owner. the link is here...

does anyone remember this car?

Re: Warpig

PostPosted:Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:45 pm
by eraider
Remember seeing pictures / video of the car and reading it was coming to England. Sometime latter the car came up for sale. Never saw it in person. Sorry, cant remember where i saw it.