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Shed and Buried : Quartermaster drag bike.

PostPosted:Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:10 pm
by plymoutharrow
Watched Shed and Buried recently where Henry Cole and his friend bought a piece of British drag bike history. Dont know if it was an old programme. Would be interesting to find out who bought it. Any pictures/history on the bike would be great.

Re: Shed and Buried : Quartermaster drag bike.

PostPosted:Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:27 pm
by oily bike bloke
The episode that featured the Quartermaster (the blown 500cc Triumph) was, according to credits at the end of the programme, a 2016 programme. (Series 2, episode 10 "The Need for Speed")

The bike was also in an episode of “The Motorbike Show” where Sam & Henry ran it at Elvington on a flying 1/8th, again, according to credits at the end of the programme, a 2016 programme.

As far as I know, there’s been no mention on S&B that the bike has been sold.

The price HC said he thought it could be worth between £8 - £12,000. Personally, I’d guess around the £5000 +/- £1k............ but what do I know.....

Not aware of any pics on the web as have had a search myself as I really like the bike.

Re: Shed and Buried : Quartermaster drag bike.

PostPosted:Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:02 pm
by ColinF
I saw the Shed & Buried episode repeated recently and i'm still green with envy! I had the pleasure of meeting Henry Cole at Dragstalgia a couple of years ago and had his contact details, so that a friend of mine could be put in touch with a friend of his , so i thought i'd ask as i'd been wondering about it too.
Elvington was the last time it ran although he's hoping to run it at a few events this year including Dragstalgia but is so busy filming they're not sure which events they'll be able to attend.They are doing what they can to free up some dates.He says rest assured that it will return to regular sprinting how ever long it takes them to get things sorted out.
If you see him and the bike at an event go and chat to him, he's a genuine enthusiast.

Re: Shed and Buried : Quartermaster drag bike.

PostPosted:Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:52 pm
by oily bike bloke
I found some drag racing footage on youtube from a 1988 Long Marston event.
Its good to see the Quartermaster drag bike actually doing standing-start ¼ mile runs, plus it sure sounds nice too!
The footage was posted by “revans1410” and he’s written “My old 500 Triumph, supercharged with a drop of nitro”.
Bike clips start at 2m 35secs and 4m 23secs.

Searching the lunatics-lantern, came across this photo of the bike, so thought I’d post it (don’t know to to credit it to tho)
Its interesting to note that the engine appears to be a stressed member of the frame ie the engine plates are separate fore & aft plates as opposed to a single plate which cradles the engine.
If memory serves me (those with more knowledge please correct me), there was a time/class where it was not permitted to use the engine as a stressed member of the frame, as an engine blow-up could destroy the engine cases, which in turn compromised the frame realising the potential for the frame to bend and dig into the track surface.

Photo of a destroyed engine for ref.