Do you own or know the whereabouts of a piece of UK Drag Racing History or just want info on a particular machine.

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 #23450  by raven68
 Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:23 pm
raven68 wrote:A guy on the Mustang forum said a friend Peter (Banford/Blandford) owned this car in the late 80s early 90s. Peter broke the back axle at speed, this sent the car across a dual carriage way, up an embankment vaulting a fence an ending up in the middle of a field ! (I believe upside down) He pulled the engine and sold on the body.

Can anybody shed light / confirm this happened / know Peter etc..... as I really would like to establish how badly Rampage was after this incident and whether the body was saved or scrapped?
UPDATE on this - I was given a phone number for Peter and I called him last sunday afternoon. We had a long & interesting conversation. The accident happened on St Peters Way, Chertsey just off the M25 in 2002. I daren't say on here how fast Peter said he was travelling when the rear axle seized and threw him off the road. The car rolled several times. The 468 engine sucked in half an acre of mud and was completely ruined. Pete reckoned he was lucky to escape with a few big bruises. Car didn't have a straight panel left on it. No roll cage. Reckons it was shear fatigue after so many years of getting hammered off the line. Peter bought the car off Phil Turk in 1982 and owned it for 20yrs. In the end the engine was scrapped and the body went to someone in Reading.....

So I am only missing the 'owner' of the shell from 2002 to 2007 at which point it was sold to someone who has spent the last three to four years and a lot of dosh getting it back on the road. When I get the V5 registered in my name I'll send off a fiver to the DVLA for the list of previous owners.
 #34048  by raven68
 Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:50 pm
Blimey where does the time go.... Have been posting updates on the restoration of MLL40L over on the Camaro forum and Rods N Sods forum, but thought I ought to put something up on here now as well.

I used the Camaro throughout the summer/autumn of 2011 and then decided to do a bit of bodywork over the winter. Well that turned into an entirely new complete rear end (boot floor, rear quarters, rear panel, rear deck, parcel shelf and wheel tubs) plus a new roof. New floor pans are also waiting to be fitted once we get the shell welded back up.

Some of the restoration work to date has been over here on the Camaro forum ... =11&t=2577

The full photo album of all the work to date is on my facebook page here ... 714&type=3

Despite early doubts I am now pretty sure that it is the original Red Devil / Rampage shell. In stripping the paint off the bulkhead today there is clearly a layer of yellow paint which I believe is the Rampage yellow. Today we also removed the engine & transmission from the shell and there was clear evidence of severe damage to the transmission tunnel and bulkhead where the engine and transmission must have pushed back. What with the damage to the front wings, a severely dented roof and badly replaced rear quarter panels I'm happy this is the original shell. I've also had a recent post on Rods N Sods that confirms the damaged Rampage shell was not a total write off and was sold on for repair. Well, it wasn't repaired very well and there was still extensive rust in the body and it wasn't structurally very sound with the bodged up wheel tubs..... It probably would have been better to buy a new dynacorn shell after all this work but where's the satisfaction in that.... !

A few pics from today for you all
Engine and gearbox out in one piece without any hassle at all...
Evidence of yellow paint layer on the bulkhead - is this the Rampage the damage is clear to see
Close up look at the damaged transmission tunnel and bulkhead area to the right
As you can see there is not much left of the old shell.....its now back to bare metal all over now and then its off to be welded up with all the new panels