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 #39836  by jonmental
Long shot here

With the current craze for nostalgia most people think of Chevys and Hemis, but in Blighty it was Jags and other small engines.

Can anyone help with info on home built overdrive type to clutch to use etc be used behind Ford crossflow/pre crossflow.....I know quite a few were built back in the day by various racers, so any info would be appreciated.

Johnny Hall
 #39837  by wayne
Hi Jon, I used to have a box that was made by John Whitmore, it used a jag overdrive unit, so 2 speed, no reverse and a 3mm thick clutch can, had a Ford Thames van clutch modified so it was similar to a Hayes slider clutch, russ carpenter knows loads about these! It came with an old r. e. d I bought called express delivery which Martin babb and Stephen Collins owned at various times. The spirit car runs a modified bw35 so maybe Maurice takoor could help! Cheers wayne
 #39838  by jonmental
Thanks Wayne

I posted 4 years ago with the same request and you replied then......was kinda hoping someone would put me onto what was in someones shed. What happened to your old car?
 #40162  by Neilbass
My dad, along with race partner Pete Miller built many 2-speeds for drag bikes, Pete also went on to build a three speed version with great success. The two speed versions used in internals of a D type Laycock overdrive, and three speed used the bigger A type overdrive units. On the 2-speed an over centre device was used to brake the sun gear, but on the early version and a Pete’s 3-speeds, band brakes were used to stop the sun gear. None of them had a neutral (or reverse for obvious reasons)
 #40183  by jonmental
Thanks for the info.....sorry its taken so long
 #40189  by wayne
Hi jon, sorry for taking so long!
I sold my rolling chassis to a chap called keith miles, he is currently putting a sbc in it but don't know when he will be ready to run!