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 #39381  by 59pop
 Thu May 25, 2017 8:39 pm
That might not be the exact title , but it was something like that . I remember getting a sticker at my village village fete ( Waterbeach feast ) sometime in the early / mid seventies , there was a dragster there ( can't remeber what it was now ) but untill recently i did still have the sticker - i'd like to get a few reproduced to go on my Pop when it's done ( haven't started it yet - got to finish another car first ) It was a square yellow sticker with a picture of a V8 engine with headers ( viewed from front ) in blue with the name of the club in a circle -also in blue . Does it ring any bells ? or was anyone a member ?

This is my first post , as i've just registered ( spent alot of time looking at the old photos of Anglias and Pops !

Regards Al.