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 #38600  by MrMotormind
 Sat May 07, 2016 5:52 pm
A rare eBay is an early BDRA newsletter dated December 1964/January 1965, complete with membership application form. Also the premier issue of 'British Drag Racing' dated January 1965, still in newsletter format but introducing the logo that would appear on the cover of the printed magazines a few months later.

These items, in almost perfect condition, were sourced from a seller in California USA who deals in 'dead people's stuff', to quote his rather creepy acronym!

They will quite likely have originally belonged to one of the US visitors to the 1964 Drag Fest who may have passed away quite recently. Whoever that person was took great care of them as the paper is not yellowed or torn and even the staples aren't rusty! I wonder who it may have been?
2016-05-04 15.55.39.jpg
BDRA newsletter Dec 64/Jan 65 page 1
2016-05-04 15.56.29.jpg
BDRA newsletter Dec64/Jan65 page 2
2016-05-04 15.57.02.jpg
BDRA newsletter Dec 64/Jan 65 page 3
2016-05-04 15.57.31.jpg
BDRA membership form 1965
2016-05-04 15.58.02.jpg
British Drag Racing newsletter/magazine vol. 1 no.1 Jan 1965 page 1
2016-05-04 15.58.24.jpg
British Drag Racing newsletter/magazine vol. 1 no.1 Jan 1965 page 2
2016-05-04 15.58.50.jpg
British Drag Racing newsletter/magazine vol. 1 no. 1 Jan 1965 page 3
 #38602  by jaytee
 Sun May 08, 2016 9:32 am
Thanks for posting, as Nick said interesting reading, I've British Drag Racing mags from May 65 V1 no5, it would be interesting to see issues 2-3-4, you should remove to staple and run off some copies, I'd be interested in buying one.
I remember going to see the Lively Set as a kid, anything that featured drag racing I'd eat it up like the fellas that travelled from Preston to Norbury for the film show, I wonder if they ended up racing anything
 #38633  by ukdrn
 Wed May 18, 2016 10:24 am
timetravel wrote:Griff Borgeson wasn't feeling too optimistic about British Drag Racing in this article he did in '62... :?
Done well to prove him wrong.