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 #38777  by oily bike bloke
 Tue Jul 19, 2016 1:39 pm
A certain Mr Nick Pettitt has put up some great videos which I've been watching on youtube, and having just logged on, have just spotted them on the "Drag racing videos on line" page too - particularly liked the ones of the bikes - thank you sir!
 #38780  by jansmuts
 Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:27 pm
Just back from the Nostalgia Nationals where I witnessed the dream we all had in the 70’s .
An enormous field of quality race cars, quality rods and customs on show and racing.
It had the enthusiasm and atmosphere those of us around in the 70’s dreamed about. Rodders and racers comparing ideas ,superb organisation and racing in a great facility with Darryl and Colin in the tower getting the whole thing right.

Thanks Brian Taylor & Stu Bradbury who I believe conceived & Keith Bartlett who backed it,

How right was it? As a CC ad rep in 72,the Pod was Scene Central, CC was its mouthpiece. Enthusiasm was the ‘e’ we partied on. By chance I got a bit part at various race venues,the CC & Rod & Custom shows to promote that .We all dreamed the scene would get bigger & better. It sure got bigger, but splits in clubs, venues,& promoters made you wonder whether it was better ,for race & rods separated and did their own thing. Lots of folks just drifted away.

Think this weekend righted all that, sure both have separate identities, but together they make a hell of a show and loads of the old faces I saw there want more of the same please.

Hats off to Brian Stu and Keith maybe, to quote the shirt a lot of folks wore. ‘old guys rule’
 #38782  by timetravel
 Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:11 am
taylov wrote:Usually, yes, but the commentator had mentioned earlier in the day that "it would be interesting to see "Gladiator's" time over the quarter mile". Anyone know for sure?
yes the commentator did say they were running Gladiator over the quarter when it came out for it's first run on Saturday, the second run was a four, is that the first four second quarter recorded by a funny car at the Pod?
 #38784  by taylov
 Wed Jul 20, 2016 5:02 pm
So Low ET over the quarter-mile went to Steph Milam's altered in the Cannonball class with a 6.186s 228mph run on Saturday late afternoon. Top speed that I could find was 234.08mph by the Bradford Fiat fuel altered on Sunday lunchtime.
 #38795  by ukdrn
 Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:07 pm
Dragstalgia 2016 had all the makings of a great event on paper and didn’t disappoint.
I said before the event that people enjoy and miss the show side of drag racing show and I think that’s what people got at Dragstalgia 2016
The large crowd that added to the atmosphere clapped and cheered long burnouts and side by side racing not matter what the speeds and times where, instead of the often quiet crowd we often get at a big event because a top fueler has only run 280mph and not 300mph.
Add 320 competitors of all nostalgia classes and some really special moments and I think that anybody who attended dragstalgia will remember the event for a very long time.

I took lots of photo's and have had very limited time so more to come..

Harold Bull was the first person to run down Santa Pod's strip and it was such a special moment when he and fellow veteran Ken Cooper squared off again.
Stu Bradbury flag starting the guys who despite their age mashed the throttle's of both cars.
Another very special moment was the restored Allard Chrysler moving under its own power down the SPR quarter mile.
A massive restoration that has taken many years of hard work time and money. Well done to all the ACAG team
Stu Bradbury received a well deserved award from Pete Crane for his contributions to Nostalgia drag racing.
The big hitters never disappointed with Randy Bradford winning all his races and running a new PB speed of 234.08 MPH
Despite having a few issues Rat Trap still put on a great show and I can't wait to see them again in September.
The beautiful Bantam Havoc's motor refused to run properly at times but the team done a great job for only the second meeting out with the car running on nitro and we all know there's much more in store.
Ramon's 71 Charger was a great addition to the full cars and provided some excellent close racing with times down in the 6.4's
The most non - nostalgic car at Dragstalgia but by far the most poignant was the Gladiator tribute car of Jason Phelps
A storming wild run in true Roy and Bootsie crowd pleasing style left the spectators going berserk and Jason covered in oil.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get to take a track shot of the original, beautiful and successful Pegasus. Pegasus has been sat in the National Motor Cycle Museum for 35 years but was hurried back to be in running order at Dragstalgia. Back in the late 70's the machine run a best of 8.39sec at 170mph before being retired. With a little more preparation time hopefully the guys will bring it out next year for another trip at the Santa Pod 1320.
Adrian Portelli running in the UK Nostalgia Superstock Association
Pip Higham took a nasty tumble right in front of me but is thankfully okay.
Ron Picardo brought the wheelie stingray out for a few passes.
Joe Bond was the class act in the excellent Dragstalgia UK Slingshot Showdown
Spencer Tidswell stunning 41 Willys.
 #38797  by ukdrn
 Wed Jul 27, 2016 7:55 pm
Another Batch with more to follow

Norm brought the twin out to play for the first time in a few years
Lack of track time in the last few years meant is was hard to get the car stable under the huge amount of power it was producing.
Sadly Mick Taylor's debut weekend was spent under the car most of the time.
Mark Bracking was trying out a new number plate wheelie car on his pretty car.
Thanks at Anthony for the VIP experience and the chance to catch this .
I loved all the bikes but seeing and hearing Jan Honee from the Netherlands is always a thrill
I don't know what kind of deals go on to make these events happen and I'm sure theirs many people and companies involved but thanks to Santa Pod Raceway, James Forster and US Automotive and the SPRC for making it possible
2 shots of one of the best looking cars and surprises at the event
How cool was this 8)
Even cooler that it had enough power to life the front wheels
Some other big wheelie merchants were Lee Galimore
The crowd pleasing Fadster
And me ole mucker Barn
Speaking of Barn he very kindly arranged a cake for made by cake supremo Katie Carey.
UKDRN is 20 years old this year and this forum is 10 years old. It wasn't the biggest anniversary celebration but one that was very much appreciated. Thanks Barn :wink:
Roy tried really hard to get his big new motor powered slingshot to a decent time but had issues. I'm sure the numbers will come.
We will never be this cool.
Pretty new WB Bantam appeared in the pits from Antony Colliver
Pretty back-up girls were in abundance this year
Not the shot I wanted but I was so pleased to see Ian Merryweathers stunning and quick Topolino.
Team Bubblegum get better and better ever ytime out
The spit flow fast and low 8)
Another stunning little rail was the California Dreamin slingshot of Phil Sweeney
Rob Brown and Maurice Takoor doing battle
Just love this
And this
And this
Looks much better
More later