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 #38613  by ukdrn
 Tue May 10, 2016 2:44 pm
Santa Pod have a little poll going on to set which one of the Americans gets to race Nick in Havoc at this years Dragstalgia.

As you all know, we are all set to welcome back Ron Hope and the Rat Trap racing team to Dragstalgia 2016 and this time they’re joined by compatriot Randy Bradford and the Bradfords Topolino. Nick Davies and the Havoc team are busy preparing the armoury on this side pond too and we’re letting us decide which one of the Americans Nick gets to take on this time via a Facebook poll: ... 333303961/
Cast your vote now and help decide the ultimate grudge race!
 #38614  by ukdrn
 Tue May 10, 2016 8:07 pm
What to look forward to :)
My own video of Ron Hope and Randy Bradford at the CHRR 2014.
 #38676  by ukdrn
 Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:38 am
From James Forster.
Don't miss out.
The latest version of the Dragstalgia entry list has just gone out so if you haven't booked to race yet, please call me to do so on 01234 782828:
I'm just in the process of contacting all of the RWYB applicants as spaces are now available - I've nearly got to everyone!
 #38735  by ukdrn
 Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:59 pm
In drag racing, the V8 is king and there is no substitute for cubic capacity. So says the received wisdom. Yet it is not strictly true, either today – when all manner of powerplants propel all manner of vehicles up the track – or in the earliest days, when eight-pot locomotion was a comparative rarity on the British scene.
Indeed, when Santa Pod Raceway opened for business 50 years ago on Easter Monday 1966, the very first car to traverse the quarter-mile packed all of 948cc into its four-cylinder engine. Harold Bull’s Strip Duster was a slingshot dragster powered by an engine lifted from a Morris Minor. It was an immaculate miniature version of the thundering V8-motored dragsters which had so impressed and inspired Harold when an all-star team from America had toured Britain two years earlier, though there was nothing miniature about the car’s performance. With constant modifications and improvements made over the next few years, Strip Duster would not only win races against opponents at Santa Pod but would set world records against the clock at the Elvington records meeting in Yorkshire which still stand today.
When Harold Bull and his fellow BMC-powered arch-rival, John Whitmore, pulled to the Santa Pod start line, fans would hurry from all parts to watch. The same response is anticipated when Strip Duster recreates its maiden Santa Pod voyage at Dragstalgia, the venue’s annual historic revival meeting taking place from 15th to 17th July.
When he made that inaugural trip up the track, Harold was already 41 years old. Half a century later and still living at Wymington within earshot of Santa Pod, the self-taught, expert engineer and tool-maker has supervised the construction of a perfect Strip Duster replica by his son, Simon, who will pilot the car on its Dragstalgia outing. The original Strip Duster, now modified beyond recognition, is believed still to exist somewhere in Germany.
Dragstalgia brings forth a veritable treasure trove of historic drag racing machinery. Some 300 cars and motorcycles of all shapes, sizes and vintages will be in attendance over the July weekend, many in action on the track and others displayed alongside. Top of the bill and visiting from America will be the spectacular Fuel Altereds, Rat Trap and the Bradfords’ Topolino, along with a bygone era’s array of Dragsters and Funny Cars, Altereds and Stockers, plus bikes of many classes and kinds. There’ll be no mistaking the moment, however, when Simon Bull guides Strip Duster on its historic passage up the fabled quarter-mile.
 #38736  by Harry's Girl
 Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:13 pm
So looking forward to seeing Stripduster on her appearance at Santa Pod and to see how proud all my family are of our own Hero King Harold and of course Simon for all his endless hard work re-creating such a masterpiece, and everything so perfect xxx
 #38738  by ukdrn
 Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:28 am
Harry's Girl wrote:So looking forward to seeing Stripduster on her appearance at Santa Pod and to see how proud all my family are of our own Hero King Harold and of course Simon for all his endless hard work re-creating such a masterpiece, and everything so perfect xxx
It should be quite a moment Jane. 8)
 #38763  by ukdrn
 Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:01 pm
With the Dragstalgia event upon us I would like to wish everybody racing a fast and safe time. Many of us are not just numbers people and remember when the sport gave us a good show and something to go home talking about and Dragstalgia tries to do just that. I hope to try and catch up with many people I don't unfortunately get to see much these days and maybe even bump in to a couple of others that might have a few answers for me. Above all I hope that everybody going has a great time. See you at the track ;)
 #38774  by taylov
 Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:53 am
Spent a great day at the Pod on Saturday - only my second visit since the Garlits meeting in 1976, the first being Dragstalgia 2014. A wonderful day, even met a couple of friends from 40 years back.

Not sure what impressed most the fuel altereds and the rest of the round-robin cars; the modern SPR fuel funny car(of which more later), John Hobbs' bikes or the 2 VW "camper-vans".

I've never seen a modern funny car in the flesh so to speak. Did it really run a 4.88s quarter-mile pass after shutting off early to a 200mph terminal or did my failing eyes deceive me? If true, I saw my first 5 sec and 4 sec runs 40 years apart.

Health permitting, I hope to back for the next Dragstalgia.
 #38776  by taylov
 Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:33 am
Usually, yes, but the commentator had mentioned earlier in the day that "it would be interesting to see "Gladiator's" time over the quarter mile". Anyone know for sure?