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 #38275  by Phil Pead
 Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:33 am
Dennis Priddle would like to point out that he is not connected with the British drag racing hall of fame other than being an inductee , and that his trip to Florida and his award is not connected in any way to BDRHoF .
Dennis feels greatly honoured to be recognised for his achievements and feels humbled in joining this elite group of people who have contributed to the sport to make it what it is today.
The award, to be presented by Don Garlits, will be without doubt, one of the most memorable moments for him in his life time.
Dennis is not in the best of health currently and is hurt about what he is said to have done, and reported to have done, but is very proud of what he has actually done in contributing to build European drag racing into the sport that it has become today.
Dennis wishes to enjoy his award in the spirit that it has been given to him without any of the petty politics that have dogged the sport when he was racing and sadly appear to continue through to the present day.
This aside, Dennis would like to thank all the well wishers for their kind comments on his induction to the US Hall of Fame and for making his time in the sport such a memorable experience never to be forgotten.
 #38279  by ukdrn
 Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:43 pm
Thanks for the message Phil.
I hope that Dennis is okay and enjoys his hugely deserved award.
Please pass our congratulations on to him and wish him all the best.

As for petty politics in drag racing...well I've suffered sheds loads of that but not the time and place so well done Dennis :)
 #38280  by eraider
 Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:18 pm
Read this earlier. No idea what that's all about, but seems such a shame.
Get well soon Dennis and enjoy you well deserved award.
 #38281  by Stu Bradbury
 Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:49 pm
I'm a little confused over comments from Phil Pead?

I don't think anyone has suggested, or would suggest that Dennis Priddle's induction into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame is anything other than excellent and well deserved. The British Drag Racing Hall of Fame would have attended the induction ceremony in Florida, as it did last year, as guests of the IDRHoF irrespective of who is inducted. So Phil, Dennis's comments are a little strange to say the least?
There are however, certain people in our sport who will imply there's a situation where none exists and deliberately try to cause a problem for their own selfish reasons. As always these people do not identify themselves but cower behind the scenes convincing others to do their dastardly work on their behalf. No one from the Bdrhof has implied this Induction was anything other than what is. We will be there to represent who we are and applaud Dennis along with the rest of the assembled guests when he steps up on stage to collect his award.