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 #38093  by woody
 Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:29 pm
See you in fuelers Liam?
 #38095  by torment
 Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:58 pm
i may pop in for a sociable one or two mate.
im on my best behavior as i m crewing all weekend on a fuel altered. :D
 #38115  by ukdrn
 Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:22 am
Still trying to revover from another great dragstalgia event.
It’s amazing to see how quick this event has grown in just a few years and how much impact it’s had on the UK nostalgia drag racing scene in general.

Huge entries in every class and a RWYB that included people like Russ Carpenter, Clive Mechaell, Wayne Allman, Tony Betts, Jim Draper and many others although I would have preferred these guys to be in a separate class of some kind so I could have made sure I caught them all running.

This year we also see the debut of 3 stunning new slingshot dragsters destined for the track. One of which had an interesting debut to say the least but the main thing is that Jon’s okay and will be back.
On top of thoseWild Bill Sherratt had an original and beautiful 1965 US Top Fueller that is now a cackle car, perfect.

New funny cars like the gorgeous Capri of Bob Glassup hit the track and put in a couple of decent learning passes that looks promising for the future and Simon Haywood also had his Houndog duster tribute car in the pits.

The NSA is always a big interest for myself and I enjoyed them all but seeing Jonny Munn ride around John Hobbs was one of my highlights of the weekend.

Hi to everyone I don’t get to see as much anymore and I’m sorry to those I intended to catch up with but never made it
Some thanks to Dave Grabham and Barn for the ear defenders.

Biggest thanks must go to all the racers (all 279 of you) that entered the event and made it so entertaining and of course Santa Pod Raceway and James Forster for making all this possible.

Roll on next year and the 50th anniversary of Santa Pod Raceway.

Photo's tonight :)
 #38116  by Barngt
 Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:46 am
it was a great show and just not the time to see all , the kids and misses loved it .
 #38120  by ukdrn
 Wed Jul 15, 2015 1:28 pm
So many things I would like to mention but short of time but here's some photographs with with more to come later.

Clive Mechaell put in a storming pass until the blower belt went at 1000ft.
One of the nicest cars at the event was the 34 Ford of Tony Betts.
Tony plans to take the car to Bakersfield in October.
My moment of the weekend was Jonny Munn riding around John Hobbs
Still smelling of fresh paint The Capri funny of Bob Glassup make a impressive debut and done everything it was expected to do. Credit must go to Dave Gibbons and the team.
A car I liked was alot was Christian Frei from Switzerland running the wild bunch.
Jake Clayton done really well in the Chaos Fuel Altered that look nice in the sunshine.
Doug Bond back in a slingshot after many years. Im looking forward to seeing this car run more.
I love the paint on this and Really enjoyed the Super Stock class.
Pretty French Bug.
Russ made in down the track in the end but the car wasn't very well.
Barn and Ben ready to match race
Great to see Ramon again.
Bob Hawkins burning the 6 second rail.
I could watch Karl-Heinz Kleider all day long.
Enjoyed watching Colin getting Bruce in to the 11's
Stunning car from Wild Bill. If only images carried sound.
The NSA were superb with riders and machines like Jan Honee
Martyn Hallam was running in two classes.
Getting quicker and quicker the historic Oblivion.
Brian Gibson's Dodge dart is still one of my Favourite gassers.
The beautiful Kirsten van Croonenborgh flying alonside the Apache Nitro FC
 #38124  by torment
 Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:00 pm
Karl heinz kleider is a top chap.we will see him in a couple of weeks in hockenheim.
 #38126  by ukdrn
 Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:40 pm
My burnout king of the weekend and I'm really pleased to see the car working now. The Draper Brothers.
Ben on one.
A VW that everyone like. Wayne Allman
Maurice gets the wheels up
So does Barn
Laurent Levi from France
Leo Knight
Charlie Draper riding like a pussy. (your words Charlie :)
Jim Chandler in the mighty Dodge.
Jon's stunning slingshot
Lee Taylor at speed
Bob Glassup
 #38127  by Stu Bradbury
 Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:14 pm
Well, thank goodness Dragstagia's a success. When this idea was formed some five years ago, Keith Bartlett was a little sceptical to say the least. When all said, he had a right to be, it was him putting the money up. Five years he said, you have five years to put this together, if it doesn't come off, it's going to be dead in the water. So, Brian Taylor myself and James Forster set about putting some sort of format together based on how it used to be done way back when. I suppose us old buggers (excluding young James that is) are getting to be some of the only ones left who remember those days when Bob & Roy Phelps brought in the likes of Paula Murphy, Don Schumacher, Tom Hoover, Don Garlits, Gene Snow, Raymond Beadle, the list just goes on and on. Those days were some of the best in British Drag Racing. All these top performers thrilling capacity crowds with pure entertainment. Dennis Piddle, Clive Skilton, "Bootsie" Herridge, and all the other Brit's trying to match and keep up with these American Super stars. This was our goal, and there is still someway to go, but we are getting there. More cars are being restored or built to make next years Dragstalgia better than this year. To bring this type of Drag Racing back to it's British ancestral home, Santa Pod Raceway was never going to be easy. With a great listening guy called James Foster, Keith Bartlett, risking his cash and SPR's reputation, all of the racers providing the enthusiasm, ambition and dedication to make this work, I have a feeling we could have pulled it off.
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 #38129  by Barngt
 Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:25 pm
cracking shots Jon :D