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 #36461  by herb andrews
 Tue May 06, 2014 11:45 pm
Just read the sad news on Rods 'an' Sods that Bob died today: ... i-p-213857

A real genuine guy, I first met him in the mid 70's when the Surrey Street Rodders used to meet at the 'The Lamb' near Eversley, down the road from Blackbushe. He had the blown V6 green 105 Anglia at the time, which he would drive to the Pod, race and then drive home.

The first ever Wheels Day, he won the burnout competition, I remember Andy Cobb and someone else at each side of the car, stopping it sliding sideways, whilst Bob was boiling the hides, before the car disappeared into the smoke and the close crowd. Ah, the days before Health and Safety assessments!

The BBC powered pro street Fordson that followed was also a street and strip rod, that was ground breaking, in the era it was built in, for its stance and workmanship.

Bob posted on here a few times, as swanny

If you have any memories of Bob or pictures of either car, please post them on here.

A sad loss.
 #39434  by Bigyob
 Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:00 pm
I realise I am 3 years late but was just searching for Bob Swansborough only to read he died 3 years ago, very sad to read this.

I first met Bob when a number of us turned up at a 'youth club' in South Wimbledon around early 70's. He had the green 105e then with the standard 3lt V6 pre blown. I recall there were white leather armchair seats in the front! Incredibly quick though even then. I can only remember 2 or 3 others now including Andy Cobb with a Zodia Mk3 and Colin Bartlett with a bright orange Austin A40 reworked with an MGA lump, great looking car sadly written off. Colin later acquired an amazing Mk 2 Zephyr estate - not sure what was under the bonnet but I remember it outdragged a Dodge Charger 440 owned by another member. One gentleman also had a Vauxhall Viva powered by a Jag 3.4 - unbelievable.

Bob Swansborough was a great guy and would help anyone in need, I remember often trawling over to the Tolworth bowling alley for a late night/early morning out and getting a ride in Bob's Anglia and just being pushed back in the seat when he hit the loud pedal. At one time he offered me a Fordson but funds (lack of) prevented my ambition!

Not sure about the name (Tony Anderson???) but Bob introduced us to the owner/builder/ driver of the British Daimler powered dragster (quickest and fastest British powered car of it's day?). We spent a great evening at this person's home and garage workshop. Very hazy about this but I think near Guildford.

Also spent numerous weekends with Bob, Colin (his brother Alan) Andy Cobb et al at the Pod and have old cine film somewhere.

As stated, very sad to hear about Bob.

Gary Smith