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 #24404  by hellzapoppin
hi herb we plan to run the car across the uk the canopy has been choped of because as you no sue was only small and were alot taller so needed a bigger cage but the canopy will go back on
 #24406  by Eastern raider
and this is who[/quote]

You did say that your Father used to run Banzi. The AC Cobra that Ian Merryweather ran?
Someone who posts as Merryknees from the I.O.M built a 41 Willys. I understood they were the same person?
It's not unknown for me to get the wrong end of the stick. :?
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 #24407  by pops charman

As Herb said Norms got the block. All the rest of the engine parts, blower etc. is in my garage ready to join some other nostalgic parts ?

 #24412  by hellzapoppin
yeah thats me dad easten raider the willys is all done now so time to put hellzapoppin back toghether :D
 #24413  by hellzapoppin
hi nigel would you be intrested in selling any off the parts you have got would be intersted in buying them off you
 #24434  by Merrykneessnr
Hello from the Isle of Man. Jnr merryknees started this thread about Helzapoppin [correct speeeelingg], I'd just like to verify a few points as I understand them.
The car was in the hands of Smax when Peter Astel-Burt [PAB] became interested. PAB asked Smax to put together a SB motor to go in it as the Donovan had been sold to Roy Wilding [he of the twin engined Dragster]. The car then came over to the Isle of Man. After an attempt to run it at the Jurby Straightliners event [spitting blower belts off] the car was stripped for a full rebuild. This was back in 2005 I think. Since then it has been collecting dust in the Big Shed at the Point of Ayre Lighthouse.
If you look closely you can see the body and chassis on the following pic
PAB a member of the club has his fingers in many pies [lots of which are consumed on a daily basis!] He owns many ex and current TT bikes, classic Trinortbsavellocettesdavisons thingies, numerous 4 wheeled classics British, American and roundy roundy racers + the odd Bumper car!
Anyway Helzapoppin is now top of the list for an overhaul. A replacement donovan engine has been sourced and is now in the capable hands of Kenny @ EDA for one of his 1000hp injected alcy packages. The Powerglide Trans is down at Andy Frosts place for a rebuild and strengthen, which leaves the rest which is now sat in my small shed!
The following were taken last weekend

The plan is to restore the car as near as possible to how it was when it ran at it's best with the injected Donovan.
Even the artwork will return
Hopefully we will sort the car for our MGP Dragfest in Sept with the plan to run at our 2012 IOM events and NSRA Nost + Hot Rod Drags
 #24435  by Stormin Norm
Merryknees- I dont know what you're drinking on the I. o m. but that must be the funniest thing i've ever read on here. Roy Wilding(he of the twin-engined dragster) :lol: :lol: :lol:
 #24438  by Badger
Brilliant, that looks in such great shape! Please keep that original paint ..

Thanks for posting those!
 #24439  by pops charman

Unfortunately the parts are not for sale. Just to confirm definatley Norm and myself had the engine and parts. Norm Wheeldon that is not late Norman Wisdom of Isle of Man or Roy Wilding.