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 #6615  by Mick Hoult
Hi I’m Mick. Lester and I built 3 vehicles together. The first was the red wooden jeep shown in one of the pictures. It was built around a 1600 Xflow engine which was soon changed for a 3 litre V6 and auto box. It was registered as a LM (Lester & Mick).
The second the Jag engined Reliant we built when we heard that Screaming Alley was going to open. The engine and manual box came from a Jaguar 3.4S that I had rotting in the back garden. The front suspension was from a HA Viva van. The rear axle from a 3 litre Capri. We took it in turn to drive alternate events. Despite our different driving styles we both managed to achieve 9.01 second for the 1/8 th mile and 110 mph by the ¼ mile line.
The third vehicle was the red marina cope also shown in the pictures. It was fitted with a Daimler 4.2 litre engine and auto box mid mounted between where the front seats would have been. We drove from the back seat. This car was not successful as the engine would not rev, later traced to a cracked block.
 #6846  by STP300E
Hi Mick glad to hear from some one that raced at the alley I thought the Marina had great potential here is
another pic 8)
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 #6864  by crampo
Thanks for the pictures of the regal van, my bro will be freaking out....! lol. he has a saloon in the works.
 #8361  by wayne
hi it was good to see pictures of screaming alley as my dad bought the screaming alley car from phil manakee in 1987 and had loads of fun racing it with my brother phil at santa pod and avon park until 1991-92.when he bought the car he repainted it and renamed it real silver and continued with the citroen engine until i think about 1990 when my brother put in a 1500 alfasud engine and box and ran it for a couple more seasons then unfortunately the car got scrapped as chassis was well twisted.when i find some pics i will submit them.
 #31077  by muddytalker
There's a fantastic 5 page nostalgia feature about the raceway in this month's Retro Cars magazine written by editor Simon Jackson with photos contributed by John Walford and our our 'Mr Time Travel' Nick Pettitt. There's quite a number of pictures I have not seen before. The feature makes for some interesting reading and fills in a few missing gaps! The magazine also carries a 7 page feature about Andy Frost's Red Victor 3.
 #32418  by muddytalker
And here is the Retro Cars feature....
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 #32426  by CRR
I can just imagine what H & S would say today about spectators being that close to the track. I'm surprised that they even got away with it back then.
 #39787  by NitroTone
Hi all . I know it's a long shot but is anybody still following this thread about screaming alley. If so does anybody still live in thanet that used to race there that would be able to entertain me with some stories and personal memories from there..
Maybe there's more than 1 of you and we could all meet up for a chat. I'm happy to host and supply tea/coffee or beer ..!!. :D Thankyou .