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 #37960  by Flying Phil
Next year will be the 30th Anniversary of the Rover Challenge so would there be interest in a gathering at the Dragstalgia event in 2016?
 #37961  by ludsonline
I'm in the process of buying this one. It will be rebuilt as funds allow but going to be powered by a Lexus V8 as it cheap reliable power...


It's in a sorry state at the moment though :(


It's had a 4" stretch in the wheelbase too...


Will try and get it back to how it use to look too :)
 #37963  by Flying Phil
Good to see that the 100e will be resurrected - I cannot understand how the previous owner(s) could let it be so neglected....
 #37968  by Andy Burfitt
I think Street Machine or Custom Car done a feature on this car way back. I may still have it somewhere.
 #37990  by ukdrn
That's a great little car you have there and a cool piece of UK drag racing history.
I look forward to seeing how the restoration goes, good luck.
 #38008  by Barngt
Which way are you going with the rebuild , apart from the lexus lump , keeping it near the same ? and did you consider a rover ? . :D
 #38024  by ludsonline
I did consider a Rover lump but have the Lexus engine & gearbox here. The plus with the Lexus is it's near 300hp standard & only cost about £400 for a engine & box..

It will be put back to near standard, had a quick look over the shell & it needs two new chassis rails, front ends of the sills repairing, rear panel is totally rotten as is one of the rear chassis rails. Going to try & strip it out over the weekend as it's still full of spares from being used as a store..
 #38629  by Flying Phil
Just realised......... Santa Pod 4/5th May was the first ever RV8 challenge meeting in 1986 - 30 years ago! And it was rained off before the final round could be run.
 #38942  by x.l.r.8
How about the Alfa of John Sleeth, before he went off to do things in that crazy Saab. Steve Goode's TReighter and PulseRate. They were always there at the start line, and Brackleys popular. Watching the pro rovers was fun but it was the street cars that made me want to go build a rover powered car (that alas sits in my garage a stones throw away from smax smiths new home). It was a group that had friendly rivalry and always brings comical moments, Steve Richards rattler Capri gauging his run by the water that came up the squirters, Steve law leaving the bonnet pins out was mentioned, exactly which time are we talking about. I'm the end we were scraping cars together to man a picnic rather than attend a race meeting. There were hundreds of rover powered street cars out there street tough but the main focus was on the super street and pro the street class never drew the crowd it deserved.
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