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 #9255  by muddytalker
It’s the 50th anniversary of the National Sprint Association this weekend (October 18th/19th) at Santa Pod with the main day being Sunday. According to the NSA web site the organsiers are hoping to have a static display of Sprint and Drag Bikes old and new covering the last fifty years. There will be other more up todate bikes taking part from Straightliners, 9.50 Bike and Super Street Bike I believe.

This display is expected to include the legendary John Hobbs and ‘The Hobbit’, Alf Hagon’s first nine second Jap drag bike, Brian Chapman and ‘Mighty Mouse’, Jim Balchin’s BSA, Denis ‘Stromin Norman' with his double engined drag bikes (still sprinting today), Howard German’s 'Dragwaye' (now owned and restored by Terry Howman), and many more some of which will be venturing out on to the track.

It promises to be an unforgettable event. I’m going on Sunday and according to the weather for the Santa Pod area it’s going to be sun all the way. Got an idea that pad116 is going to. Any other forum members thinking about it! Details can be found at
 #9267  by sid
dont forget your camera fella!

looking forward to the pics, would have gone for that.

 #9273  by CRR
I shall be there helping out. There's already about 110 bikes pre-entered, plus we are expecting a healthy day entry as well. It's going to be a good one!
 #9275  by ukdrn
I don't think I'm going to be able to make this one, even though I really want to, I have a few jobs to catch up on from last weekend and also a big dose of man flu.
If someone can post a few bits on here I would be grateful.
 #9317  by muddytalker
The 50th anniversary of the National Sprint Association was celebrated in fine style today (Sunday 19th) at Santa Pod. Although the day was cold, overcast and with the riders sometimes battling against a head wind, the day went rather well with a role call of over 100 machines in attendance ranging from vintage and veterans to pre and post war through to the modern era duking it out on Europe’s famous quarter mile.

It was a shame that some of display bikes never showed but there was still plenty of machines to marvel at and former riders to meet throughout the day. Here’s just a few of the highlights.

John Hobbs returned The Hobbit to the Pod at put down a mid eight second pass. Brian Chapman performed an impromptu burnout in the pits during the lunch break (!) on one of his two Mighty Mouse bikes on display (hooligan!). Former seventies drag bike stars Alan ‘Grandad’ Nash (Pro Stock) and Eamon Hurley (Comp Bike) were seen surveying the pits. Keith Parnell, the first rider into the eights, was reunited with Rouge et Noir and owned by Phil (Paso) Steele, and Dennis ‘Stormin’ Norman returned to his old stomping ground with his A/class 1300cc Triumph drag bike complete with period peeling gold circle Santa Pod and 'National Dragster' decals. Fantastic. Here’s a couple of photos from today to be going on with. I’ll post some more shortly.

John Hobbs with 'The Hobbit' takes on Dave Clee's turbo Yamaha Funny Bike.

Brian Chapman makes some adjustments to 'Mighty Mouse'.

Dennis Norman's 1300cc Triumph compete's regularly in the Unlimited Vintage Post 1946 class of the NSA.
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Terence Fisher's Class 8 996cc Triumph drag bike.

Another Triumph but of the three wheeler kind. A 750cc drag bike/side car outfit of Peter Harman.

Two faced and that's all I know about this machine.

If it's got wheels then they'll race anything as this 1938cc 350cc Excelsior Jap shows.

Trevor Duckworth's 384cc Yamaha three wheeler. Check out those pipes. Elmer Thudd eat your heart out!
 #9323  by muddytalker
Yes I have. I'll post it later jaytee. Thanks for the Pete Willimas ID. There wasn't a board with this bike and it was a shame that it wasn't on display at the back of the grandstands with the other bikes instead of being left in a pit space.