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 #9141  by fester
Right,remember that wild honey thing ,that corgi made,can any one confirm that it showed up at a meeting in the 70 s early 80s with a v12 engine in it .This has bugged me for years i am really sure i saw it but can any one confirm it.I also remember it looked like it had been painted in hammerite,i bet someone has a picture.
 #9175  by hodders
The only photos I have of a Wild Honey from the late 70s (1978, I think) are in black and white and show a wheel falling off on a run at Santa Pod. Two of the photos can be seen by following the link below. ... rip_1.html

Looking on the interweb, the Corgi toy looks very similar indeed to the car in my shots fromSanta Pod, although I'm not sure that a V12 would fit in that engine bay. Mind you, I am regularly wrong. I must go through my colour slides to see if I have a colour photo.
 #9176  by jaytee
The only V12 altered I can remember. Frantic from the Topolino thread
0aMKIII_FRANTIC.jpg (77.4 KiB) Viewed 5722 times
 #9177  by fester
As i stood there looking at the car i remember thinking that the engine looked ridiculous,i also get the feeling that the car came out once,it was parked in the pits and that was that.When i saw the car it hadnt been around in its 6 cylinder guise for years then, i remember thinking bloody hell its that wild honey thing ,then realised that someone had thrown a v12 in it :shock: probably about 1981
 #9178  by fester
Also the frantic car was super nice,the wild honey car was ,,,how can we say???of the period,i think agricultural may be tooooo strong a description :?
 #9182  by herb andrews
Norm built the chassis for John Foden
 #9256  by Speed Freak
I remember the V12 Wild Honey in the pits around 1980, I'm pretty sure it was a stock motor with carbs!!
Thought we might have had a bit of competition there maybe the battle of V12's but I never saw it again!

John Foden
 #9261  by fester
Thank you speed freak ,confirmation after 27 years that i didnt imagine it
 #9262  by fester
Also the second page of altereds that muddy talker suggests looking at via acceleration archive ,shows wild honey with a racked back roof and what looks suspiciously like green hammerite paint job on the roof bit,see im not mad :? :?