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 #22081  by ukdrn
I've put together a small film with a collection of footage showing Sammy Miller and the Oxygen rocket car.
Finishes with the rocket car match race from 1981 with Sammy driving Oxygen and Al Eirdam in the Vanishing point rocket funny car.

Thanks to Tim Claxton and TimeTravel for the footage.
 #22083  by Old Git
Absolutely brilliant thanks.
Sammy is still a legend.
 #22138  by jaytee
Anyone know anything about Al Eirdam,I guess this is him with Sammy
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 #22161  by eierdam
Al Eierdam knew sammy for years. Toured together when Sammy ran the VP at events with Al racing the Emergency 1 jet dragster as well as the original Invader jet dragster.

Sammy's fabricator on the west coast, George Garboden, also did some fabrication for Al as well. He built the Aire Supply Air Powered Thrust vehicle driven by Al.

Sammy and Al teamed up to do the original runs at Santa Pod, and then continued to work together back in the States.

We continued to run our jets and help others with theirs. I have been driving jets since the mid 90's and my brother Craig started this last season. Al still oversees the entire operation and currently we campain three jet dragsters, with a four car in works.

We have heard the stories of the fun and excitment that Sammy and my Dad had running at the Pod and hopefully someday we can do the same.

Curt Eierdam
Invader Jet Dragster
Strike Eagle Jet Dragster
Sizzler Jet Dragster