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 #35466  by muddytalker
Street Machine 1993 about our Norm. Can't believe this article is 20 years ago.
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 #35490  by muddytalker
This piece about one of the last sprint bikes campaigned by George Brown comes from the pages of a 1966 edition of Motor Cycle magazine. Before coming of age (55) to hold an FIM licence, George decided to build Super Nero and Extra Nero to run 200 mph using a Vincent engine and frame. Did he do it? Well perhaps someone on here will be able to confirm that. And, I'm almost certain that these two bikes George created are currently on display at the National Motor Cycle Museum, Solihull!
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 #35499  by muddytalker
Shortly before the conclusion of the 1964 Dragfests, Motor Cycle magazines Vic Willoughby caught up with visiting American drag bike riders Don Hyland and Bill Wood for a closer look at the teams bikes.
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 #35500  by muddytalker
The following report, again from Motor Cycle takes us to Duxford in 1964 for one of the final events of the National Sprint Association season. Although there were no record times to speak of some of the organsiers and assembled press made a few runs on various machines, including timekeeper Alan Nash who later went on to race a competitive Pro Stock Bike in the eighties.
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 #35512  by muddytalker
Two reports from the 1964 Dragfests written by our good friend and BDRoFamer Brian Sparrow for Autosport magazine.
Autosport 1964 1.jpg
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Here's another two from Autosport.
Autosport 1964 3.jpg
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Autosport 1964 4.jpg
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Some more from the crumpled pages of Motor Cycle September 1964.
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 #35604  by muddytalker
My latest offering comes from a 1989 edition of Custom Car magazine with an interview with then owner of Santa Pod; Roy Phelps.
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 #35621  by muddytalker
Nice article about The Professor Al O'Connor from 1989 Custom Car.
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