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 #34665  by GNRCUSTOMS
 Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:08 am
Limey wrote:Sorry to be pedantic (Hi Gareth) but that should be Donovan 417 - the mag is at the back because the block was based on the 392 hemi which Ed Donovan said had stronger mains than the 426.
Sorry my mistake i keep getting this one mixed up. :D
 #38527  by Jeff the Paint
 Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:06 pm
Hi all, not been on here for ages, but I might need some help. You remember I built my 'Mr Revell' and posted pics' on here way back.
Anyway, I had a second unbuilt kit still in the box, and when I saw Dennis a while ago I gave him the unbuilt model. I spoke to him again on his return from his trip to Florida a week ago where he's been put in some hall of mirrors or something, probably something not very important I'm sure, but most likely to do with drag racing as he's not much good at anything else.
Well, he says that I conned him as there are parts missing from the kit, mainly all the rubber bits...tyres etc. and that if I didn't sort it out , he and the rest of the old Priddle team are coming round to burn my house down.
Can anyone help? I would really appreciate it as he's a nasty sod when upset... :D
Living in fear...Jeff' the Paint.
 #38536  by GNRCUSTOMS
 Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:39 am
Hi Jeff,

I have got some spare rear tyres, not sure on the fronts will have to dig deep in the spares box to see if they are still intact. I doubt i will have a blower belt but i do have some ribbed belt that i use for blower belts if thats any good to you
 #38537  by Jeff the Paint
 Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:21 pm
Thanks Gareth, for your very kind offer. Luckily I have found all the rubber parts required to go with the kit. What is still needed is the rear slot mags.
Thanks again mate. I'm sure something will turn up from some ones spares box!
Best regards, Jeff'
 #38538  by GNRCUSTOMS
 Sun Apr 10, 2016 5:22 pm
i might have a set of rear wheels aswell. I bought a job lot of 16th scale cars in various states for the parts. I will have a look and let you know
 #38539  by Jeff the Paint
 Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:39 pm
Gareth, thank god for guys like you. I think I've posted photos' of my 'Mr Revell' in this thread (page ten) so you should be able to see the wheel type.
Thanks again for looking.
 #38540  by GNRCUSTOMS
 Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:02 pm

Hi Jeff are these the wheels thats the your require?


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