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 #39513  by oily bike bloke
 Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:50 am
Although not strictly drag bikes, here are some galleries courtesy of ESA Photos from 2012-2017 taken at various sprints including the Brighton Speed Trials.

The Brighton Speed Trials is organised by The Brighton and Hove Motor Club, who kindly invite the VMCC Sprint Section to sort out the motorcycle side of things.

Thorney Island was a VMCC Sprint Section event, and the Sprint Section also sorted the bikes for the demo runs at the VMCC’s Festival of 1000 bikes. ... Eq75IxKn44

Links to the VMCC Sprint Section ... lcome.html
 #39518  by oily bike bloke
 Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:49 am
Here are a few photos I snapped from the Brighton Speed Trials (2016 and 2017), where it’s not uncommon to see some historic/nostalgia drag bikes be exercised along the famous Madeira Drive.

In-the-wings are a couple of Triumphs, both running 4” slicks, which it’s hoped will at Brighton in 2018.
One’s a 'new build', blown, reverse-head Triumph 750 (the big-brother to the 500 Morado Triumph in the photos).
The other’s a restored blown 650 Triumph (from early/mid 70’s) which had been languishing for many a year.
Brighton Speed Trials 2017 (2).JPG
Hagon Triumph 750
Brighton Speed Trials 2017 (1).JPG
Norton Dominator Special 600cc
Brighton Speed Trials 2016 (3).JPG
Rapid 500 Triumph 'Morado' and Weslake 850
Brighton Speed Trials 2016 (2).JPG
Hagon BSA 250
Brighton Speed Trials 2016 (1).JPG
From France - Herve's Triumph Special
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