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 #8208  by Phil Pead
Here are some shots of the late Tony Boden in the ex Dennis Priddle car that I found the other day tucked away in a draw. If anyone has any shots of Tony I would be grateful as I am currently putting together a collection for his grandsons.
The first was taken at Le Mans where Tony had just beaten Kenta Persson in the final of top fuel and was being towed back to the start line.
The second was I believe taken at Zandvoort. The next shot was taken at Long Marstonand the last one was possibly Le Mans or it may have been at Paul Ricard... I really can’t remember.

Next are some shots of the Medicine man slingshot (again another ex Dennis Priddle car)
And one of Dennis Priddle’s Monza F/C followed by a shot of Trevor Young taken on his second run at Monza. Note the nose damage which occurred on his first pass when his parachute failed to deploy fully in the humid air..
Tony at Le Mans
Tony at Le Mans
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 #8265  by ukdrn
Nice thing to do for the grandsons, here's some of Tony's Funny Car, I'll try and find some more soon.
 #8268  by muddytalker
Phil, a couple of years back I did a 'Racing Career of The Hit Man Tony Boden' for an American girl who used to leave in Germany. Apparantly, when Tony raced at Hockenheim he used to stop with them. It's all on a disc with photos, newspaper and magazine clippings. If you PM me with an address I'll see if I can burn you a copy.
 #8337  by PaulS
Phil, apparently you don't know me but apparently you know the guy sitting next to me who is making me type this because A. He can't type & B. he can't turn a computer on.

Do you you remember footy bear from Bidport and all the parties you used to have with Dick, Bunt, Phil, Tim and the girls, etc. etc.etc.............................

Bear has been crewing for us for the last five years (no wonder I feel old!) and wanted to let you know he is still alive (but much older!).

 #8348  by Phil Pead
Many thanks to the site admin for the pictures of Tony Boden and his funny car....if any one else out there has any more of Tony or his cars I would be grateful to receive them.
And thanks also to muddytalker I will get my address to you and I would love a copy of what you have on Tony...its really appreciated...thanks.
And to pauls please pass my best regards to the Bear...yes I do remember him and often reminisce about the times spent with the “crew” in Bridport we had a really great time down there and from what I remember some really great parties back at the “flat” and many boozy days in the “Bull”. I don’t know if you are still in contact with the rest of the crew and if you are please pass on my best regards to all.
Funnily enough I was in West Bay 4 weeks ago with Dennis P on his birthday...had a great lunch at the Riverside and one of the subjects of conversation was the times spent in Bridport...small old world.
Over the years unfortunately I have lost touch with so many good and gracious people that were in the racing scene all those years ago and it’s good to be remembered by one at least!!!
What car are you racing Paul and when I next go to a race meeting if you are there I will look you and the Bear up....
 #8360  by PaulS

Should have checked in earlier as Bear headed back to do battle with the grockles at about the same time as your reply. We are putting together a Funny car and the aim is to be at he Hot Rod Drags in September at Avon Park - I'll let you know if we're on target closer the time in case you were thinking of going - if we all make it pop round for a beer.

I'll let Bear know that you've admitted remembering him - I wouldn't have !.

 #40242  by Nichola
I’m Mickey Naylor’s daughter and I have been hoping to find out a bit more about my late fathers racing career, hear stories and get a collection of pictures together. If any of you have anything you would like to share with me that would be amazing.